Bucket List

Do you have a bucket list?  If you were to sit down and write out a list of things that you would like to do, or learn, or see, how long would that list be?

A couple of years ago I started a list of 100 things that I wanted to do while I was still young enough to do so.  [I have misplaced that list – but not to worry, I will find it.  In the meantime, I’ll try recreating it]  Many of the items on that list deal with travel, and since I am now entering my sixties, there may not be that many more years that I can achieve those things.

Things I want to learn about:

  • gardening
  • food preserving – canning, freezing, dehydrating, fermenting
  • make your own groceries
  • aromatherapy/essential oils
  • soap making – bath salts, lotions,etc.
  • healthy living
  • herbs
  • regrow veggies
  • photography/photoshop
  • guitar
  • piano
  • writing

Places I’d love to visit

  • Cape Cod
  • Yellowstone – visited once about 40 years ago!
  • Grand Canyon – visited once, but it down-poured!  Would love to see it again in sunshine.
  • Alaskan cruise
  • States I’ve never visited – Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Washington, Oregon and Alaska.  I have visited, or at least driven through, all the rest.

Experiences I’d love to try

  • Parasailing – done once, would love to do it again!
  • Hiking part of the Appalachian Trail

It has also been my dream for very many years to travel across the country in an RV, take pictures, and write a book.  I would love to make that dream come true when my husband and I retire.

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